Comment Of The Day: #ChadBillingsleyFacts & Matt Kemp Sucks

Chad Billingsley gave up two runs in the bottom of the second inning, which, despite the fact that he had only given up one run in his previous two starts combined, obviously meant to fans that he was a worthless mentally weak piece of shit.

I’m sure he’ll take that lesson to heart. I’m assuming this is Roy Halladay‘s Twitter account.

Not gonna bother quoting the rest of the shit, because my bandwidth is too valuable for it.

Anyway, Billingsley proceeded to throw four shutout innings after that, leading me to create #ChadBillingsleyFacts on Twitter, which I hope you all participate in with glee.

The successor to #BlameKemp.


Speaking of Matt Kemp, he stuck out in the top of the eighth inning with a runner on, and Dodgers fans proved that they will blame literally anybody that doesn’t come through every single time.

I know his slugging percentage dropped below 1.000 because of that plate appearance, but geez.

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