Around The Web: Paying To Watch The Dodgers, Winning & Perspective, Coaches Behaving Badly

Dodger Thoughts: Jon Weisman asks how much you would pay to watch the Dodgers. I think it’s a great question.

Personally, I answered: $1, $5, $10, $500.


Baseball Prospectus: Dash Treyhorn analyzes how the perception of Charlie Manuel has evolved, primarily due to winning.

Sometimes I wonder if the same would be possible with Ned Colletti. We’ve already seen how people think he’s solid because he won with all the homegrown talent he was provided and another GM’s players, so I can’t help but think that if Stan Kasten helps turn the ship around with Colletti still on board, it would completely change the way most people look at him.


Deadspin: A youth baseball coach was arrested for threatening a parent with a gun. Thought it was an appropriately timed story given my article on coaches.

Gawker: Is Jose Canseco even writing his own crazy tweets? Probably not, which is even more reason we shouldn’t give a shit about him.

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