Stanley Gold/Disney Family has been put back into the bidding process, but does it matter?

The Los Angeles Dodgers bidding group of Stanley Gold/Disney Family has been reinstated by the MLB.

Stanley Gold and the family of the late Roy Disney were reinstated to the Dodgers bidding on Monday, leaving five parties in contention to buy the team.

The decision was disclosed by two people familiar with the sale process but not authorized to comment.

The Gold/Disney bid had been rejected last week by a committee of Major League Baseball owners, amid concerns over the structure of an offer that included private equity financing to back the launch of a regional sports network.

Given the fact that the bidding is to the point where Stan Kroenke, likely in third place at the moment, doesn’t even appear to be in the discussion, I’m not sure exactly what the Stanley Gold/Disney Family group would bring to the table.

I haven’t seen anybody write them up with any type of seriousness either, so I honestly can’t say I know what the point of this whole charade was.

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