Kenley Jansen has heart palpitations but cleared by doctors to resume activity

Scary stuff.

Dodgers reliever Kenley Jansen received medical clearance to resume all baseball activity Friday after suffering a recurrence of heart palpitations Thursday night. Jansen was seen by Dr. John Monroe Friday morning and rejoined the club during workouts to play catch.

“It was just going fast, it wasn’t irregular,” Jansen said after joining teammates for the end of workouts. “I just didn’t want that feeling again from last year so we double-checked because of my history. It’s nothing big. We don’t know what caused it, but I’m OK.”

Part of me wonders if it was an anxiety or panic attack, perhaps triggered by the episode with his irregular heartbeat. Not that I would wish that on anybody, but it’s probably easier to deal with than a heart defect.

Regardless, I hope it’s nothing and it’s being taken seriously.

My concern doesn’t lie with baseball but with his health right now.

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