Bryan Munoz, 16, signed by Los Angeles Dodgers + Videos

Bryan Munoz, a 16-year-old right-handed pitching prospect out of the Dominican Republic, has been signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Dodgers, missing in action on the international bonus scene in recent years, have agreed to sign 16-year-old right-handed pitcher Bryan Munoz from the Dominican Republic for a reported $300,000 bonus, pending a physical exam.

The agreement was reached last week, while Munoz was in Arizona with the Dominican Elite Travel Team.

With a fastball reportedly already touching 90 mph, Munoz is expected to start his Minor League career in the United States and not at the Dodgers’ Dominican academy at Campo Las Palmas, according to Kevin Bandel, Munoz’s agent.

I mentioned previously that one of the things the new ownership will have to do is spend in the international market, and it looks like the franchise got a head start with the sale pending.

$300k is about 60% of the total amount of money spent in the international pool by the Dodgers in 2010 and 2011 combined, so 2012 is off to a great start.

On the latter video, the only comment left is by this guy:

Pretty good speed but i hope you have atleast 3 other pitches or your fb is gonna eventually get smashed

psycopolarbear 1 month ago

I’m sure his advice is appreciated.

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