Around The Web: Josh Macciello A Fraud, NL Rotation Rankings, Farm System Rankings

LA Weekly: I called Josh Macciello out a while ago, but this article was a thorough takedown. It’s long, but well worth a read.


Baseball Prospectus: The rotation for the Los Angeles Dodgers might not be as good as we think in 2012.

That’s ninth in the National League, and I think it’s clear as to where the value starts tailing off.

If the rotation is going to be good this year, contributions from Nate Eovaldi and others will probably be a part of it.

Baseball Prospectus: Kevin Goldstein ranks the Dodgers farm system 19th in the MLB.

19. Los Angeles Dodgers
Top 11 Prospects List
System At a Glance: There’s certainly pitching here, but it’s more quantity than quality, and the organization is wafer-thin when it comes to positional prospects at the upper level.

Sounds about right to me.

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