Alfredo Silverio drives off a cliff or something & Angelo Songco has a rod inserted in his leg

I wish I was joking.

Dodgers outfielder Alfredo Silverio, who is in camp but has not participated in any Spring Training drills, will be sidelined indefinitely with aftereffects from a January auto accident in his native Dominican Republic.

The most serious of his injuries is a concussion, which still has him woozy. He also suffered bruises to his neck, elbow and shoulder.

What caused the injuries? Tony Jackson of ESPN Los Angeles says he drove off the road.

In short, the kid is lucky. From talking to various people (still haven’t been able to talk to Silverio), this is what I have been able to cull: the accident happened on a stretch of road called Curva de la Muerte, which translates to Curve of Death. Apparently, he was going about 60 mph and lost control, the car going off the road and flipping several times. He temporarily lost consciousness, and the car was demolished.

Maybe it was just a regular curve on a regular road, but it reminds me of those driving shows that give me nightmares about tumbling down a mountain.

Going 60 mph on something called the “Curve Of Death” though? Yeah, sounds like a wonderful idea.

Silverio’s seriously lucky he’s not dead, so here’s hoping for a quick recovery, but it’s not that simple.

“There isn’t even a timeline right now,” Mattingly said. “He’s still having the concussion symptoms. Nowadays, nobody messes with that. It’s definitely good to get him with our [medical] people, get him in our hands and start the [rehab] process. This way, we can keep an eye on him and monitor what he’s doing.

The concussion symptoms are by far the most worrying thing. Bones and muscles will heal, but the brain? Could be a day or end a career.


In related terrible news, Angelo Songco had a rod inserted into his leg.

Anyway, another highly regarded prospect, outfielder-first baseman Angelo Songco, is expected to miss the next two to three months after having a rod inserted into his lower right leg. Songco was hit by a pitch late last season at high Single-A Rancho Cucamonga, where he hit .313 with 48 doubles, 29 homers, 114 RBI and a .367 on-base percentage, causing a stress fracture he was able to play through for the rest of the season. But when he started feeling intensified pain in the leg a few weeks ago, he was sent for an X-ray that showed it had turned into a full-blown fracture.

Not a wonderful start.

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