Josh Macciello’s ownership bid for the Los Angeles Dodgers gaining fan support

In addition to agreeing with me on the level of want on Jared Kushner as owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Mike Petriello‘s article included an interesting link regarding Josh Macciello‘s ownership bid.

Sources close to the deal confirm that the bid he laid out recently is about $2.2 billion for the Dodgers and the stadium. Macciello would only confirm that, “with the money I’m bidding, I could buy three sport teams.”

That’s a ton of money, and if you’ve listened to what Macciello has had to say about the team and what his plans have been for the Dodgers, it’s hard not to like the guy in theory.


From the start, I figured he would always have a type of underground support as an underdog type of owner, but that fans probably wouldn’t take him seriously. However, he went on this media blitz in January where he was basically saying all the right things, and I think the momentum has begun to swing in his direction.

I’m a skeptic, so I’m not willing to buy into everything at face value, but I realized his growing popularity when the reaction to him on Twitter went from making fun of how he looked to people urging me to listen to the interview posted above.

Well I ended up doing so and I’m still not convinced of anything, but that’s not the point. The point is that the fan support and trust for Macciello seems to be growing by the day.


Recently on Twitter, he responded to a fan’s concern about the Bryan Stow tragedy and fan violence in Dodger Stadium, “Dude no one will get beat down when i own the team. Thats not the atmosphere i want at Dodger Stadium.” Why wouldn’t it happen? Because he’s goingTo put extra millions into building a police station that can handle 50k plus so nobody would think of doing anything bad.

It all seems so simple when you ask him, and I get the feeling that Dodgers fans are eating it up*, but I can’t help but be skeptical until somebody but him confirms that he’s a serious player in the process or that he gets associated with…uh…anybody else.

For now though, he’s certainly made the ownership bidding process a bit more interesting.

*I sincerely hope he’s pandering to the fans when he says the Dodgers will win the 2012 World Series and that Ned Colletti is doing a great job.

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