Josh Macciello not a finalist in ownership bidding, was basically trolling in real life

Given that I just wrote about him gaining momentum among Los Angeles Dodgers fans, Josh Macciello gave a rather hilariously timed interview on Mason & Ireland today, admitting that he was not approved for the second round of ownership bidding, after which he then proceeded to go off on all types of tangents about why he’s getting screwed.

Obviously he’s not happy about being out, and despite his claims about being nothing but honest, if nothing else he has been disingenuous to fans about the nature of his involvement.

When the bidding first moved on to the second round, he insisted to everybody that he was part of the approved groups who were moving forward, which was the primary reason some ended up taking him seriously.

In retrospect, however, when I look back through his Twitter feed, it should have been a gigantic red flag to everybody when he accused Bill Shaikin (of all people) of journalism bias against him.

Gee, who are us Dodgers fans to believe?

Bill Shaikin or Josh Macciello?

The Mason & Ireland interview can be listened to here, and you can see that the entire interview basically consists of him accusing various people of a conspiracy against him. Macciello apparently decided that the best way to win over more fans was to go on rambling tangent after rambling tangent about why he’s still a serious player and about how he’s utterly confused as to why he’s not being taken seriously.

Additionally, he says he’s angry about how the whole affair has shaken out, so he’s going to reveal all his paperwork. Now while that’s great stuff for bloggers like me because it just adds entertainment value, why would he think insulting the people that are in control of the ownership bidding process is a good idea? Plus, I doubt coming off mad and emotional is probably the best course of action to get them to reconsider.

Either way, I think anybody rational who listened to the interview today came away with the sense that there’s probably a good reason his bid was not accepted, if he even made as big a bid as he says he did. Put it this way, at one point he seriously suggests that he’ll pay the winner of the auction $3 billion to give him the team, which just shows that he has either lost his mind or has no idea how MLB ownership works at all. Then, as if he needed to top that insanity, he guaranteed to everybody that because he’s now all hot and bothered, he will win the Dodgers at all costs.

Alrighty then.


As I just wrote a few hours ago, he at least makes this ownership bidding process more entertaining for everybody involved, but as the amount of believers in him continues to grow, I can’t help but think they’re just going to be sorely disappointed in the end.

It would be a gigantic twist if he could prove all the doubters wrong, but after today, he’s ironically proven himself more of a joke than anything to be taken seriously.

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