Great Lakes Loons 2011 Season Review: Hitters

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Dominican Summer League Dodgers: Hitters
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Arizona League Dodgers: Hitters
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Ogden Raptors: Hitters
Great Lakes Loons: Pitchers


Today I continue my off-season recap of the Los Angeles Dodgers minor league affiliates, moving on to the hitters of the Great Lakes Loons.

I’ll be picking the prospects for the 2012 Prospective Prospect Profiles list from these reviews, so it might be worth reading. Or not.


Jonathan Garcia – OF – 19

Jonathan Garcia Statistics

Disappointed doesn’t begin to describe his year, as the final line looks terrible (.228/.290/.420/.710), but he started off on fire (.274/.326/.619/.945 In April), which gave hope for a breakout season.

I’m not completely down on him though, as he was 19 in the Midwest League and still popped 19 homers. Additionally, he had a .274 BABIP compared to a league average BABIP of .306. Of course, normalizing that wouldn’t excuse his performance, and the main problems are that his K% (25.9) and BB% (6.6) continue to be well below average.

He’ll either repeat low-A in 2012 or the Dodgers might even “promote” him to high-A in order to get him into a better hitting environment.


Chris Jacobs – 1B -22

Chris Jacobs Statistics

Due to his light tower power and potential, I was a Jacobs apologist until 2010, when he seemingly regressed against better competition and struggled to get playing time. Well, he struggled to stay healthy in 2011, but when he did play, he took a gigantic leap forward.

Jacobs posted a .288/.393/.521/.914 line with a reasonable strikeout rate and a well above average walk rate, thus baiting me into being a believer again.

I’m curious to see how his swing plays against advanced arms, and I think he would be best served being moved to high-A in 2012. If he proves that his 2011 outburst wasn’t a fluke, I think he can be moved quickly to AA to be tested.


Leon Landry – OF – 21

Leon Landry Statistics

If it wasn’t for the complete lack of bats at this level, I might have ignored him completely, because a .250/.307/.360/.667 line simply isn’t very good.

More than the numbers though, I haven’t seen him display a single tool that makes me want to believe, and he reminds me of Xavier Paul or Jamie Hoffmann in that he does a lot of things okay, but his ceiling appears to be as a reserve.

He’ll need to repeat A-ball in 2012 and show improvement.


Michael Pericht – C – 23

Michael Pericht Statistics

As a 23-year-old in A-ball, he put up a .273/.351/.445/.795 line, which is acceptable for a catcher, but not acceptable for his age. Beyond that, my main concern is that he strikes out a ton (26.4 K%), but has a below average walk rate (7.2 BB%).

Yes, the system is catcher starved. Yes, he has power. However, he’ll need to get better in a hurry to remain even a blip on the radar, in my opinion.

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