Los Angeles Dodgers Not Getting Prince Fielder & Frank McCourt Still An Asshole

While there’s nothing wrong with pipe dreams, and the speculation about the Los Angeles Dodgers and Prince Fielder was inevitable given the team’s needs and his need for a team, it was never all that realistic.

As such, Buster Olney‘s suggestion was understandable, but Bill Shaikin‘s rebuttal was reasonable, as Mike Petriello pointed out.

As you can imagine, I tend to agree with Shaikin on this. While Olney’s points are valid, we’ve been talking a lot this week about just how much money the Dodgers are expected to go for – by all indications, it’ll be record-shattering. I find it hard to believe that a franchise which might already come close to doubling the previous MLB sale record would get an even further boost by adding Fielder; as Shaikin suggests, it might actually lower the price. Besides, if you’re willing to toss more than a billion dollars into purchasing a baseball team, you almost by definition have a large ego. I’m thinking that a new owner would prefer to be the one seen as rescuing the team and bringing in big stars, not inheriting someone that McCourt brought in.

Earlier today, as if to drive a stake through the heart of a rumor on life support to begin with, essentially all scenarios involving Fielder landing in a Dodgers uniform were squashed out.

Dodgers taking a shot in the dark by discussing a contract with him at all? Nah.

The #Dodgers, at the moment, are not involved in the Prince Fielder sweepstakes, source says.

One year deal with the Milwaukee Brewers and then sign with the Dodgers next year? Nope.

I’m told #Brewers invited Fielder to return for 1 year so as to get mega-deal from new #Dodgers owner next winter. Boras showed no interest.

Frank McCourt rewarding Dodgers fans by signing him? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

McCourt laughs at question about #Dodgers interest in Prince Fielder. “We’re not going to talk about that,” he said.

While it’s depressing that the Dodgers won’t be able to fill a gigantic void with an MVP candidate, the probability of that happening was always slim-to-none, but at least we all got yet another peek at why McCourt is a gigantic worthless asshole.

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