Los Angeles Dodgers 2011 Off-Season Consisted Of Matt Kemp And A Bunch Of Crap

I realize this is hardly the most original topic in the world, especially considering I’ve recapped every move along the way, but seeing it spelled out for me struck a chord.

21. Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles had to make a decision on Matt Kemp, and after trade rumors surrounding the should-have-been-MVP, it signed him to an eight-year, $160 million contract. The Dodgers followed that up with a flurry of third-tier signings, enough that they have spent the fourth-most in the free-agent market ($42.9 million).

Only problem is, most of these aforementioned signings (Aaron Harang, Chris Capuano, Mark Ellis, Adam Kennedy, Juan Rivera) seem geared to making the Dodgers the NL West favorite … for the 2006 season.

In this current baseball world of inflated spending by just about every team due to the influx of television money, it’s ridiculous to me that a bankrupt team with a lame duck GM who lacks an owner can spend the fourth most in the majors and basically come away with one elite player and a bunch of fringe starters/replacement level rubbish.

Ned Colletti continually hammers home the point that it never mattered whether he had 150 million or 75 million to spend because he was going to make mediocre moves that put the team in positions where they were less likely to succeed than they should have been.

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