Joe Torre & Developer Rick Caruso To Bid On Los Angeles Dodgers

Joe Torre, former manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees, resigned as executive vice president for baseball operations of Major League Baseball in order to submit a bid on the Dodgers with Los Angeles based developer Rick Caruso.

Torre will join prominent Los Angeles shopping center developer Rick Caruso, the president and CEO of Caruso Affiliated. A possible Caruso/Torre partnership was first reported by The New York Times in November.

“I have great confidence in Rick Caruso’s unique qualifications and his ability to lead a successful bid for the Los Angeles Dodgers,” Torre said in a statement. “In Rick I found a partner who understands consumers and fully appreciates that the Dodgers are a treasured L.A. institution. Since moving to Los Angeles, I have seen firsthand Rick’s dedication to business and people in Los Angeles. I am very excited about this new opportunity.”

I wasn’t fond of him as manager, for what I believe was good reason, but nobody honestly knows what he’d do as owner. It’s unfair to judge him based on his history as a manager, both good and bad, but the comparisons are inevitable because it’s all we know about him. Hell, I already see fans who are absolutely elated at this news because they think of him as a wonderful baseball mind. Seriously.

The main concern that I have revolves around him serving as a reminder of the past related to Frank McCourt and Ned Colletti, something I would like to forget in every way possible. Within that fear lies the lurking possibility that Colletti would actually be retained, thus killing basically all hope that the Dodgers would be able to move forward from a player personnel standpoint.

As such, my preference is still for the Magic Johnson group. If nothing else, than for the clean break from everything about the past decade or so.


In related news, the Dodgers extended the deadline to bid on the team by ten days.

Mike Petriello had the same concerns I did, but was a bit gentler.

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