Around The Web: Steven Cohen, International Spending, And A New Dodgers Blog

Los Angeles Times: Steven Cohen is quickly becoming a player in the Dodgers ownership sweepstakes.

Steven Cohen, a billionaire eight times over, is bidding for the Dodgers in a process tilted toward the high bidder.

Money? Awesome.


Two former SAC fund managers have pleaded guilty to insider trading as part of a wide-ranging federal investigation in which the company’s records have been subpoenaed, according to the Wall Street Journal. No charges have been filed against Cohen or his company, according to the Journal.

Honestly, he seems to be trying to do his due diligence if you read the entirety of his plans, and I know he wasn’t the one under investigation, but his ownership just seems too similar to a combination of Fox and Frank McCourt for me to support.

Of course, we all know that this is who Frank McCourt will end up choosing.


Dodger Thoughts: A reminder that money is not enough, it’s how you spend the money you have. Loved the analogy.

Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness: Mike Petriello highlights what the lack of international spending has cost the Dodgers.


Shadows Of ’88: A new Dodgers blog has arrived on the scene, give it a shot.

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