Around The Web: Missing On Albert Pujols, Minor Moves, And Replacing Offense

ESPN: From Jonah Keri‘s book on the Tampa Bay Rays, “The Extra 2%“, which I should probably get around to reading.

Jennings said he and the other scouts in attendance — all except Arango — remained concerned about the kid’s thick build. They also focused on the negatives rather than the positives as Arango and Jennings both fell into a bit of confirmation bias. Jennings didn’t like the player going down on one knee more than once to field grounders at short. He was also concerned about the player’s performance at catcher: messy footwork and iffy throwing mechanics, despite a few good throws. At bat, he worried about the player’s approach more than the results. “He’s sitting very deep on his back leg, uppercut swing, back shoulder dipping pretty good,” Jennings said.

It’s an excerpt that’s both funny and sad at the same time, but I do like the insight it gives into the decision making process.

Also, Fernando Arango is far more mature than me. I’d be sending a postcard to Chuck LaMar and Vince Naimoli every year with Albert Pujols and me smiling widely.

MLB Trade Rumors: Los Angeles Dodgers might be signing Amaury Sanit.

Sources close to Amaury Sanit tell Fernando Ballesteros at Puro Béisbol in Mexico that the Dodgers are interested in signing the 32-year-old Cuban reliever. Sanit logged just seven innings out of the Yankees’ pen last season before being released in June, but he has seen more action as the closer for the Culicán Tomateros in the Mexican League this winter, pitching to a 0.62 era in 36 appearances.

He has been rather unimpressive in the minors to this point and his stint in the majors was a disaster. Worse yet, he was suspended 50 games in 2010 for using performance enhancing drugs.

Nothing to get upset about, as it’ll be a minor league contract, but not noteworthy either.

Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus relays on Twitter that the Dodgers have signed third baseman Josh Fields and pitcher Ryan Tucker.

Beyond The Box Score: David Fung projects the Dodgers offense to be just as good in 2012 as it was in 2011…which is actually not good.

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