Ned Colletti Is Looking For A Veteran Reliever, We’re All Gonna Die…

Ken Gurnick of reports that Ned Colletti is still looking for a starter, reliever, and utility infielder.

All that’s left on his frugal shopping list is an affordable replacement in the starting rotation for Hiroki Kuroda, a utility infielder like Jerry Hairston Jr. and a veteran, versatile, durable reliever.

I already took a look at the potential starters and utility infielders, but I had not heard of this desire for a reliever.

The problem isn’t shoring up the bullpen, the problem is that it’s Ned Colletti and it’s Ned Colletti looking for a veteran.

As you can see here, the list of available relievers within the Dodgers price range and Colletti’s requirements isn’t exactly teeming with talent, so it’s easy to think that the Dodgers are going to get more near replacement level roster filler than anything significant.

While I suppose you could look at that as a bad thing, I see it as the payroll restrictions saving the Dodgers from Colletti giving yet another veteran the Matt Guerrier treatment.

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