Frank McCourt Has To Get The Fuck Out By April 30th + Will Choose Winning Bid

Bill Shaikin‘s latest article for the Los Angeles Times brings the welcome news that Frank McCourt has to get the fuck out by April 30th and that bids will be taken starting January 13th. However, it also brings the news that McCourt will retain the parking lots around the stadium and will have final say on the new owner.

Frank McCourt must divest himself of the Dodgers and their stadium by April 30 but has sole authority to decide whether he keeps or sells the parking lots surrounding the stadium, according to the terms of his sale agreement with Major League Baseball.

Initial bids for the team are due by Jan. 13.

The reason for him retaining the parking lots is that they are held by a different McCourt company and MLB doesn’t want to risk further litigation. Understandably, they don’t want this process to drag out any long than it already has and I think a lot of Dodger fans would agree with that.

However, while I want McCourt out as fast as possible just like anybody else, I’d rather just be completely rid of him and suffer a bit longer as opposed to potentially have to watch that grinning shit develop the land around Dodger Stadium and continue to make millions off fans.

On the sunny side of things, I suppose he then truly would be the Parking Lot Attendant.

MLB and the Dodgers declared certain specific sale procedures as confidential, although people familiar with the process have said McCourt and not the league will select the winning bidder.

Is it just me or does this bother anybody else…a lot?

Sort of like hiring Andruw Jones as the team dietician or something.

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