Around The Web: Bunting For Hits & Dee, Bonds Sentenced, Homegrown Dodgers, And Yoenis Cespedes

The Book: John Dewan and bunting for a hit. It’s an awesome study and relevant to a player like Dee Gordon.

CBS Sports: Thanks to Kevin Malone, Paul DePodesta, and Ned Colletti for getting the Dodgers roster to the point where doing almost nothing but re-signing homegrown players since their reigns began would have resulted in the team from the link.

Yes, I’m into sabermetrics and didn’t like DePo. Just felt that everything with him was literally by the numbers, which honestly isn’t sabermetrics.


Los Angeles Times: Congratulations, America! We just spent six million dollars or more to get Barry Bonds two years probation, house arrest, and a fine. Fuck yeah!

All for a bunch of shit that shouldn’t even be illegal and for a case that shouldn’t have ever been opened. Awesome!

Penn Live: Joe Paterno‘s entire grand jury testimony was read in court and it confirms that he admitted under oath to being told about Jerry Sandusky by Mike McQueary.

Logically, that should put an end to all the Penn State people still trying to defend Paterno, since it’s by his own sworn admission after all, but somehow I doubt it.


Baseball Prospectus: Yoenis Cespedes is back and Kevin Goldstein has the play-by-play. Less hilarious, more relevant.

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