Ryan Doumit Just Saved Ned Colletti From Himself

Yesterday, Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times relayed that catcher/outfielder Ryan Doumit turned down an offer from the Dodgers of almost 3 million dollars over one year, and while it became somewhat of a running joke, I’m quite happy that Doumit doesn’t want to play in Chavez Ravine.

Over the years, Doumit has been somewhat of a popular choice at catcher in certain sabermetric circles because he possesses a potent bat for the position and there has always seemed to be a massive breakout just waiting to happen.

Now though? He’s 31 and about to be 32 and he’s still injury prone. Furthermore, while his potential with the stick is nice, there’s a reason that the Pirates had been trying to move him off catcher: he’s horrible at it.

Taking the last few years into account, Doumit has been worth about -4 runs throwing, -1.5 runs blocking, and a whopping -26 runs framing for every 120 games behind the plate. That’s an absolutely pathetic total of around -31 runs on defense or just over -3 wins. To put that in context, at his absolute offensive peak back in 2008, he produced about 16 runs with the bat over 120 games.

Doumit’s not anybody’s answer at catcher.


While going with a combination of A.J. Ellis (starter) and Tim Federowicz (reserve) might not be the sexiest option, it’s undoubtedly better than repeating the 2011 mistake of signing Rod Barajas to a multimillion dollar deal.

Between the on-base skills of Ellis and the defense of Federowicz, Doumit did Ned Colletti and the Dodgers a favor.

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