Los Angeles Dodgers Sign Matt Treanor To 1 Year/$1 Million Deal + Analysis

Mr. Misty May Replaces Mr. Mia Hamm

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Dodgers announced the signing of catcher Matt Treanor to a one year deal worth $850,000 with an option year for 2013 and a $150,000 buyout. Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times added that the option year would clock in at $950,000.


Treanor is a career backup, which is probably the role he’ll be expected to hold with the Dodgers in 2012. His .225/.315/.307/.622 career line (.282 wOBA) is unfortunately representative of his talent level and it’s what fans should expect from him going forward. I have his offensive numbers at .225/.320/.300/.620 with a .280 wOBA.

Given 200 PA, he projects to be worth -8.5 batting, -1 baserunning, -4 defense, 6.5 replacement, and 4 position. Not good.

Nobody should be happy about this deal but the damaged is minimal because it’s a backup catcher and it’s only a million dollars.

Would probably prefer to see Tim Federowicz over Matt Treanor, as it would be hard for him to total in the negative WAR range and he only makes the league minimum.

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