My Sediments On Following The Twitter Accounts Of Dodgers Players

I learned a harsh lesson over the past month: be careful wat you wish for, because it just mite come true.

Sure, I’ve always wanted more Dodgers players to be on Twitter so that I could get a feel for their thoughts on intangibles like grit and hustle, but what I ended up getting was more than I bargained for.

A while ago, Jamie Hoffmann and James Loney were the first to join Twitter and I was fine with that, as I figured all players should have the opportunity to just gopher it. Then in 2011, Javy Guerra and Dee Gordon made their Twitter dayviews as well. Then Matt Kemp joined.

Then Matt Kemp joined.

I figured I minus whale follow them, because if nothing else, I could always give them a pizza my mind after a soul crushing loss, but that turned out to be a big McSteak on my part.

Seriously, how can they move on so quickly? It’s so disappointing to see them have such a lazy fare attitude without even having gone through their rice of passage as World Series winners!

It’s bordering on arrogance, really.

As fans, we say: “I can’t believe they are continuing to enjoy their lives as young, famous, wealthy athletes.

Nobody wants to see this carpet diem bullshit after the season. They need to listen to the advice and criticism I give them on Twitter because everything I say is right.


My critics will say that I should support are players, but in my opinion, those fans just have no passion for the game, not like you and me.

I don’t want Jamie Hoffmann to make a Twitter comeback a week after the season ends when he should be doing steroids and choking babies. I don’t want James Loney saying the season ended on a wonderful note! I want him to be depressed and to start working out all day!

Worst of all, I have to see are so-called MVP, Matt Kemp, dating a pop star again, what an unbelievable pre-Madonna! It just shows he has no focus on the game, and that the only thing he will ever lead this team to is a 3rd place finish in the NL West. To top it off, he was cheering for the Brewers on Twitter! CHEERING FOR A TEAM THAT’S NOT THE DODGERS?! ENJOYING WATCHING PLAYERS WHO ARE NOT DODGERS?! HAVING FRIENDS ON TEAMS OTHER THAN THE DODGERS?! UNACCEPTABLE! Nobody wants to see you give Prints Fielder props on Twitter, man. It’s just sickening to us fans to see you enjoy the game you play for living, and it just confirms your place as a lazy waist of talent.

The bottom line is this: I want to see the players suffer in pain like all of us fans did for weeks, no months, on end. I want to see that in tent city in their hearts and minds! I want to see their drive and determination 24/7 until they win the World Series!


Gah, should of kept Juan Pierre.


Big thanks to my boy Crossing Broad for always keeping it real and giving me in the inspiration to right this peace.

Much love.

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