Matt Kemp & Rihanna Rumored To Be Back Together, Fans Panic

As the story goes, Matt Kemp‘s 2010 was ruined because he was distracted due to his relationship with pop star Rihanna. No, it wasn’t his horribly flawed swing that was to blame, because that would require actual analysis, it was his girlfriend (and if that sounded like a canned scene from “Moneyball“…yeah).

So as I’ve come to expect, with the recent rumor that they are back together again, Dodgers fans have resumed flipping out over whether to sign him to an extension or not, fearing the 2010 down year more than ever.

Of course, that entire rhetoric is somewhat misguided, especially considering there are decent odds that Kemp was with Rihanna for the entirety of the 2011 season as it is.

Bottom line, I care as much about what he does off the field in 2012 as I did in 2011 and 2010. As long as he isn’t getting arrested or anything actually serious, he can date whoever the fuck he wants as far as I’m concerned.

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