Report: Tim Federowicz Gets Call To Join Dodgers

According to Tar Heel Monthly, catching prospect Tim Federowicz* is getting the call to the big leagues.

*Federowicz will be known as Fedaerakeafjasdjwisziciz or Fediafjiaezocoizzwocz or Federaifizocizcaawzxz from now on.

Since being traded for, Federowicz has put up a .325/.431/.627/1.058 line, showing outstanding plate discipline and power. Of course, it’s Albuquerque and it’s only 102 plate appearances, so his career line of .278/.341/.424/.765 is likely what you should base your opinion on.

Allegedly he handles the position well defensively, but his bat seems to need a bit of development, which might not happen as he’s already 24. Either way, it should be interesting to watch how he does in this short trial, but at this point, I have to question whether he can even outplay A.J. Ellis or not.

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