Gerardo Parra Flips Out On Hong Chih Kuo, Clayton Kershaw Returns The Favor

Tonight’s game was a rather uneventful affair in what amounted to a meaningless game for the Dodgers, only notable for Chad Billinglsey’s continued inability to miss bats and Jerry Sands’ solid all-around game. For better or worse though, Gerardo Parra decided to spice things up for everybody involved in the top of the seventh after he took offense to a high and inside pitch from Hong Chih Kuo.

The pitch in question (below) sailed on Kuo up and in after A.J. Ellis clearly set up on the outside corner. Parra obviously took offense to the pitch immediately, staring at Kuo and grabbing his crotch, though Kuo himself didn’t seem to care or notice.

My thoughts? Parra clearly wasn’t thinking at all. Obviously he might not know that Kuo went on the disabled list with the yips and that he has been quite bad for the entire year, but he could know that hitting a batter for no reason whatsoever in the top of the seventh inning while ahead by one run is less than logical.


Apparently though, on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight, Chris Singleton and Mark Mulder thought Parra was justified, which reinforces the point that players are usually idiots and should rarely be used as analysts.


After Parra hit a home run off Kuo later in the at-bat was when the real trouble started though, as he pimped the homer, stared down Kuo while rounding the bases, and jawed a bit with Ellis.

I may have taken a few liberties with the GIF interpretation of the events. Maybe.


As expected, the Dodgers dugout was none too happy with the events that transpired and jawed with Matt Williams, and Clayton Kershaw in particular was quite animated.

Welp, if nothing else, this just gave me a damn good reason to watch tomorrow’s game.

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