Dodgers Call Up Federowicz, Sands, And Ely

Dylan Hernandez confirmed on Twitter the report that Tim Federowicz got the call to the big leagues, and he added that Jerry Sands and John Ely also received calls.


Dylan Hernandez and Joe Block provided the details on what the call-ups mean for the Dodgers.

Federowicz won’t play right away. Mattingly wants him to get used to his new environment first.

Mattingly wants to see Sands. Could result in more days off for Ethier and Rivera.

Mattingly said he’ll play Justin Sellers regularly in order to better evaluate him.

Mattingly said Tony Gwynn will play less and Andre Ethier will get more off days so Jerry Sands can play regularly.

Sounds like a plan, especially the part about taking closer looks at Sellers and Sands, because that’s what an out of contention team is supposed to use September for.


I already briefly touched on Federoaooaisawizcz‘s season, so I’ll tackle Sands and Ely.

For Sands, he started off the year extremely hot in AAA, which led to an early season call-up, but he looked overmatched and struggled to adjust quickly in the majors. Upon being sent down, his struggles continued for a bit, but his overall line at AAA stands at .278/.344/.586/.931 on the year. A fine season, even at Albuquerque, but the 38/86 BB/K ratio is something to look closer at. He did make swing adjustments upon being sent back down though, which could explain his initial struggles, and it’s something I might analyze further later on.

For Ely, he honestly hasn’t done anything to prove he’s worth a call-up in 2011, and the only reason he’s getting it is because of his limited success as a Dodger in 2010. In 25 starts in AAA, he posted a 5.99 ERA and allowed 21 homers in 144.1 innings. I know it’s Albuquerque, but good lord.

All in all, just excited to see what Federoaoraiwzicz can do and what adjustments Sands has made since his last stint.

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