Clayton Kershaw Gets Ejected, Everybody Gets Mad

After yesterday’s debacle, today certainly seemed to be must see television, but after Clayton Kershaw pitched normally to Gerardo Parra in the third inning, it did seem like today’s game would proceed normally.

In the top of sixth inning, however, with Parra at-bat for the second time, Kershaw threw a strike and then grazed Parra on the elbow with an inside fastball, leading home plate umpire Bill Welke to eject him.

Thoughts on it?

Jim Bowden: “Clayton Kershaw in an obvious Cy Young Award race with Roy Halladay is ejected after 5 scoreless innings by HP umpire Tim Welke w/o warning?”

Tim Brown: “Total overreaction by Welke. That’s just sad.”

Jimmy Bramlett: “I think I’ve been a very impartial observer w/r/t the #Dodgers this season, but that’s the biggest load of bullshit I’ve seen this season.”

Clayton Kershaw: “I understand he has a job to do, but just pay attention to the game and understand what’s going on a little bit better.”

Clayton Kershaw: “First at-bat, I threw them all away, and he hit a double. Next at-bat, I have to pitch him in. It’s just unfortunate in my opinion.”

Rick Honeycutt: “I think it was a BS call. If we were going to hit him, it’d be in his back”

As for me, as I said earlier on Twitter, I just think that if Kershaw wanted to hit Parra intentionally, he would have done it in a way that the intention was explicitly clear.

Reaction after the pitch was amusing though, leading to GIF fun.


Don Mattingly getting insanely mad was definitely the highlight of all this.

I gotta admit, it was a fun couple of days.

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