Around The Web: MLB Tells Frank McCourt To GTFO

Los Angeles Times: Major League Baseball has now basically told Frank McCourt to get the fuck out.

Major League Baseball on Friday asked a federal bankruptcy judge to order the sale of the Dodgers, arguing in court papers that Frank McCourt’s plan to retain ownership of the team is “dead on arrival.”

Honestly, his entire ownership was.

In a statement, the Dodgers called the filing “meritless” and said MLB had advocated for “an unnecessary and value-destroying distressed sale of the team.”

Would love to have seen the writer’s face while they were typing that up.

The current Fox Sports contract with the Dodgers expires in 2013, and Fox holds exclusive negotiating rights for another 14 months.

A sale of TV rights now not only would subject the Dodgers to significant damages in a lawsuit from Fox, the league argued, but could result in MLB discipline, up to and including the team’s suspension or termination from the league.

Termination from the league!

Shit just got real!

In the Dodgers’ case, by announcing its rejection of any television deal before an auction could take place, and by signaling its veto of a plan that McCourt could use to pay all the Dodgers’ creditors in full, Salerno said, the league could be seen as not acting in good faith.

“I think MLB runs a risk that the judge says that’s not reasonable,” Salerno said.

Since a settlement in the case is highly unlikely, Judge Kevin Gross could issue a ruling that stands as precedent for other disputes between owners and leagues.

“This case is clearly going to make law,” Salerno said. “The league is going all in.”

Please, please, please.


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