Around The Web: MILB Dodgers All-Stars + How Does Game Time Affect Performance

Baseball America: Shawn Tolleson was the only Dodgers prospect to make the 2011 Minor League All-Stars team, as he was awarded a spot on the second team as a reliever.

Baseball America: When naming All-Star teams per level though, former Dodgers prospect Trayvon Robinson lands at AAA, Scott Van Slyke checks in at AA, and Joc Pederson at R.


MLB: Don Mattingly wants Tony Gwynn Jr. back next year, which is not surprising. If he comes back at around a million, he’s a solid reserve.

Los Angeles Times Blog: Steve Dilbeck gives reasons to appreciate the 2011 Dodgers.


Baseball Analytics: Kenley Jansen’s cutter is nasty.

True Blue LA: Eric Stephen looks at the connection between Chad Billingsley and A.J. Ellis. Despite Billingsley’s solid start yesterday, I agree that the catcher isn’t the issue here.


Beyond The Box Score: I don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to grasp the concept that “Moneyball” was about this:

Essentially: find players with a skill set that most teams overlook and exploit the market deficiency.

No, it was not about signing low average, high on base, poor defending, slow players.

The Book: Tom Tango looks at whether time of day affects hitters and pitchers. Loved this.

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