Around The Web: McCourt Mess, Remembering Broxton, And “Moneyball”

Los Angeles Times: As many expected, this nightmare with the McCourts will continue into 2012.

Frank and Jamie McCourt expect to settle their divorce — and with it the question of who owns the Dodgers — in a trial during the 2012 baseball season.

The trial is expected to start next spring or summer and last 30 to 45 days, a timetable set forth by attorneys on both sides after a hearing Wednesday at Los Angeles Superior Court.



Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness: Was going to write something like this about Jonathan Broxton, but Mike Petriello basically summmed up every point I would have made. Same tone too.

The Yankee Analysts: As you can imagine, Yankees fans know about Joe Torre’s bullpen abuse as well.


MLB: Andre Ethier underwent successful knee surgery and will be out 6-8 weeks.

MLB: 2012 Dodgers schedule was released. Means little to me, to be honest.

True Blue LA: Phil Gurnee with a nice piece on the departing Josh Rawitch.


Dodger Thoughts: Jon Weisman talks about Dee Gordon’s patience problems.

Dodger Thoughts: Jon Weisman gave quite a thorough review of “Moneyball”. I’m actually excited to see it, which is a change, since I wasn’t when the trailer was released.


Joe Block: Joe Block suggests that Clayton Kershaw could win 300 games.

Initial reaction? Crazy. The more I think about it though, he may be the next best shot, but it depends heavily on the quality of team the Dodgers can put out for him going forward.

Additionally, I’m not saying he’s going to get hurt, but a lot of young pitchers with his type of strikeout rate end up in the operating room, so it may be a bit premature anyway.

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