Around The Web: Carroll’s Value, Broxton’s Surgery, And Robinson’s Journey

True Blue LA: Eric Stephen looks at how Jamey Carroll exceeded expectations.

While I don’t have the post anymore, I’m quite sure I didn’t like his signing at all. However, by mid-2010, it became quite apparent that he was going to be a valuable player for the Dodgers going forward. It wasn’t about grittiness or hustle or whatever storyline people want to feed you, it was about him taking walks, having positional versatility, and providing dependable defense over two years where the Dodgers didn’t have much of it at the 2B, 3B, and SS positions.

Never been happier to be so wrong about a player.

Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness: Will the Dodgers splurge on Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder? Should they?


Los Angeles Times: Jonathan Broxton will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his elbow. He’ll be out for about six weeks, but he should be ready for Spring Training 2012.

I suppose the Dodgers could bring him back on the one year deal he allegedly desires, but he might benefit from a fresh start with a fresh fan base that doesn’t treat him like shit.

MLB: Tony Gwynn Jr. got an MRI that revealed a jammed shoulder, but we’re still waiting on the results.


The Seattle Times: Trayvon Robinson’s journey to the big leagues.

The Seattle Times: His path to the majors in multimedia format.

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