Around The Web: A Day To Remember + Dodgers Financial Reality

Sports Illustrated: Joe Posnanski recaps the greatest night in regular season baseball ever.

Baseball Prospectus: Colin Wyers and why we need the pain that comes from losing.

Beyond The Box Score: 1 in 250,000. Yeah, we aren’t gonna witness anything like that again.


Dodger Thoughts: Jon Weisman rains on the parade of Dodgers fans who believe that all the money coming off the books will mean payroll flexibility.

It’s a good read, mainly because I was in the camp that though the Dodgers would have significant wiggle room.


MLB: Alex Tamin has been hired to handle contract arbitration and contract negotiations. He’ll have big shoes to fill.

MLB: Hong Chih Kuo’s baseball future is undecided. Quite frankly, it’s sorta depressing.

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